Brand: ganga
10,000 yen ($88.04 USD)

Chikuchiku Pochette / Strap:69cm

In the tradition of Japanese Boro textiles, where little was wasted and scraps of cloths were re-used to patch and repair clothes, ganga’s chiku chiku series are made using leftover pieces of silk. The fabrics are hand dyed using all natural plant based dyes. Although the pouch’s long strap, made from tassar silk, is quite strong we recommend the pouch be used only for carrying very lightweight objects.

Maki Textile Studio (ganga)
Maki Textile Studio based in a beautifully restored farmhouse west of Tokyo works with weavers at their workshop in the Himalayan foothills to produce fine handwoven textiles.


  • Dimensions: L 16.5cm x W 17cm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Material: Silk
  • Product No: ANV-GN-3
  • Made in Japan