Asa Nabe - Lime Glaze (L)

Brand: Azmaya
23,500 yen ($216.64 USD)

Each Asa Nabe ceramic pot is handmade using local clay from Iga in Mie Prefecture. Iga-yaki pottery is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded ceramics with a tradition dating back to the Nara period. The region's clay is said to be the finest for producing nabe pots due to its porous qualities and chemical composition. Each cooker has a thick base which allows for superior heat retention while cooking and the pots absorb excess moisture from the ingredients, enhancing the flavors of cooked dishes.


  • Dimensions: Dia 38cm x H 11cm
  • Weight: 5120g
  • Material: Ceramic / Sawara ( wood lid)
  • Product No: K-29-2
  • Made in Japan