Mobile (H118cm x W82cm)

Artist: Fueki Ryuko Exhibition
45,000 yen ($332.78 USD)

Mobile - "Kuroi ◯ Composition"
Maker: Kayo Miyashita

The mobile constructed from copper and paper resembles a musical note, but its title, (Kuroi ◯ Composition), translated as Black Circle Composition, references the main element of the design. The paper components are colored using mineral pigments used in Japanese painting, and silver and gold leaf.

Kayo Miyashita works predominantly with Japanese paper, wire and metal to construct sculptural mobiles and objects. The delicate constructions are light and unobtrusive and the parts suspended from thin wire float and sway in a gentle motion.

1964-Born in Nagoya
1985-Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts.
1985-1993 Engaged in design work at various manufacturers and design offices.
Present- Based in Nagoya, she produces paper based sculptures and objects for exhibit in Japan.


  • Dimensions: W 82cm x H 118cm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Material: Paper / Wire
  • Product No: FRE-KM-3
  • Made in Japan