Tabletop Mobile

Artist: Fueki Ryuko Exhibition
30,000 yen ($219.58 USD)

Brass and Paper Tabletop Mobile Sculpture
Maker: Naoki Chiba x Kayo Miyashita

Paper artist Kayo Miyashita, collaborated with Naoki Chiba of Chiba Kosakusho, to produce a series of small tabletop "mobile sculptures".

The components are hard metal and soft paper. Although they are materials with conflicting properties, they complement each other well. The wire and paper balance delicately on the metal stand and move slightly with a breeze.


  • Dimensions: W 22cm x D 11cm x H 21cm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Material: Brass / Japanese Paper
  • Product No: FRE-TM-03
  • Made in Japan