Ceramic Box with Lid

Artist: Fueki Ryuko Exhibition
16,000 yen ($118.32 USD)

Ceramic Box with Copper Lid
Maker: Yukie Ishihara x Noyori

A collaboration between potter Yukie Ishihara and Nagoya based workshop Noyori, that produces he ornamental metal fittings used in Buddhist and Shinto altar implements and festival implements.

Noyori used small tools to engrave a pattern by hand on a dyed copper plate, to produce a lid for the ceramic box made by Ishihara-san. Please note that the lid sits loosely as a cover on the ceramic box and is not tight fitting.


  • Dimensions: W 18.2cm x D 6cm x H 2.5cm
  • Weight: 408g
  • Material: Ceramic / Copper
  • Product No: FRE-YI-21
  • Made in Japan