Copper Pot (1.4L)

Artist: Yasuko Ozeki
72,000 yen ($694.96 USD)
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Three generations of the Fuji family have been hand-crafting copper wares at their Fuukidou workshop in the metalsmithing town of Tsubame since its founding in 1945.

Fuukidou’s pots have exquisite hammered surfaces and are finished with a tin baking process that gives the copper a distinctive coloration that will be preserved even after years of use. The interior of each pot is lined with tin and the the handle bound with Akebi vine. The pots have a built in strainer and the long spout makes them ideal for making pour over coffee. **This pot is NOT designed for use over direct heat.


  • Dimensions: W 26cm x D 13cm x H 17cm
  • Volume: 1.4L
  • Weight: 597g
  • Material: Copper / Tin / Vine
  • Heat Source: Not suitable for use over direct heat
  • Product No: T-200-7-2
  • Made in Japan