Forged Iron Pan (26cm)

Artist: Hiroyuki Ueda
15,800 yen ($145.51 USD)

Hiroyuki Ueda’s handmade frying pans are made from a single sheet of iron shaped by repeatedly heating and beating the iron with a hammer. The forging process is painstaking and time consuming but results in beautifully crafted pans that are distinctive, durable and cook well. The pans are designed with a spout on each side to allow liquids to be poured easily and a hole on the handle to hang the pan when not in use.
Pan 26cm / Handle 19.5 x3.7cm


  • Dimensions: L 45cm x W 28cm
  • Weight: 817g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas
  • Product No.: HU-0-1
  • Made in Japan