Sugiayabon (Tray)

Artist: Junko Yashiro
30,000 yen ($286.54 USD)

A handmade tray with an exquisitely carved pattern and finished with urushi (Japanese lacquer). Wood powder was mixed with lacquer to give the tray's bentwood rim a subtle textured surface.

Urushi (Japanese lacquer) artist Junko Yashiro creates a distinctive range of beautifully crafted vessels, creating subtle textures on the wood base before finishing with an urushi coat. The production of Japanese lacquerware is traditionally done by two artisans, one skilled in woodworking and the other a specialist in the application of the lacquer. Junko however, completes each of her pieces from start to finish, designing and shaping each vessel, before employing a variety of techniques and urushi finishes to enhance subtle patterns in the wood. The urushi coat also act to protect the wood and increase the durability of the piece.


  • Dimensions: W 35.5cm x D 29cm x H 2cm
  • Weight: 304g
  • Material: Cedar / Lacquer
  • Product No: YJ-15-2
  • Made in Japan