Akatsuchi Cup

Artist: Kenji Omori
3,800 yen ($33.66 USD)

Akatsuchi (red clay) cup.
The size and surface appearance of each handmade mug will vary slightly. The pottery is not recommended for use in dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Kenji Omori

Kenji Omori attended the Landscape Design program at Tokyo Zokei University. After completing the program in 2005, he pursued his interest in pottery studying at the Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center. Since completing the program in 2007 he has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Japan and internationally.

Known for his large sculptural objects and art pieces, produces his smaller tableware vessels and vases with the same emphasis on form and texture. Each vessel produced in a red (akatsuchi) or black (kurotsuchi) clay has a rough textured exterior contrasting with smooth glazed interiors colored in shades of salmon pink or finished with ginsai (silver).


  • Dimensions: Dia 9cm x H 7cm
  • Weight: 142g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: OM-2
  • Made in Japan