Iron Sabi Sumikiri-bon L

Artist: Kouichi Uchida
45,000 yen ($353.95 USD)

Sumikiri-bon is a tray with a traditional Japanese cut corner design. The Tetsu Sabi Sumikiri-bon is designed by well known Japanese ceramic artist Kouichi Uchida and produced at his family’s iron workshop. The tray is made from iron that has been left to corrode naturally and later finished with a resin coating giving each a distinctive tone and texture. The resin also acs to inhibit further rusting. Small feet at each corner of the base elevate the tray slightly, making it easy to pick up.


  • Dimensions: W 40cm x D 40cm x H 1cm
  • Weight: 1710
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-58-2
  • Made in Japan