Iron Sabizen M (40cm x 30cm)

Artist: Kouichi Uchida
45,000 yen ($353.95 USD)

Iron Table / 30cm x 40cm
Ozen, which sit low on the floor, were traditionally used in olden days as individual mealtime tables in Japanese homes.

Well know ceramic artist Kouichi Uchida's talents extend beyond pottery to design and work in a variety of mediums and materials including glass and iron. These tables designed by Uchida-san are produced at his family’s iron workshop.
The table is made from iron that has been left to corrode naturally and later finished with a resin coating giving each a distinctive tone and texture. The resin also acts to inhibit further rusting.
***The tone and surface texture of each table is unique and may vary slightly from the images here.


  • Dimensions: W 40cm x D 30cm x H 17.5cm
  • Weight: 2250g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-59
  • Made in Japan