Rokuryoubon (24.5cm)

Artist: Masaru Kawai
30,000 yen ($273.29 USD)

Gifu based craftsman Masaru Kawai crafts traditional Japanese objects and utensils using a variety of select local woods. 

Kawai’s floral inspired tray takes its name, rokuryobon from the six (roku) points in the design. The thin, lightweight trays are crafted from an unfinished chestnut. The natural tone offers a pleasing contrast with the white edges that been painted with gofun a white pigment made from the shells of oysters and clams and traditionally used in Japanese paintings and shrine and temple decoration.


  • Dimensions: Dia 24.5cm x H 2cm
  • Weight: 164g
  • Material: Chestnut
  • Product No.: MK-7-1
  • Made in Japan