Coffee Measure

Artist: Mitsuhiro Konishi
4,800 yen ($43.76 USD)

Order Limit: This is a very small production so we request you please limit orders to a maximum of 1 Mitsuhiro Konishi Coffee Measure per customer and a maximum of 12 Mitsuhiro Konishi pieces in total.

With a background in sculpting, Gifu-based Mitsuhiro Konishi shapes and finishes each piece of his cutlery by hand. Konishi's cutlery feature a distinctive combination of polished brass and hammered steel, fastened in a tier construction. The natural darkening of the brass that occurs over time enhances the beauty of each piece.


  • Dimensions: L 12cm x W 4.2cm x H 2.7cm
  • Volume: 10g
  • Weight: 60g
  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel
  • Product No: S-73-1
  • Made in Japan