Momogusa Coffee Chabako (Set A)

Brand: Galerie Momogusa
90,000 yen ($853.47 USD)

Galerie Momogusa’s Coffee Chabako includes everything necessary to prepare coffee on the go. The set includes a ceramic pot, mini cups and scoop by well known potter and Galerie Momogusa owner, Masanobu Ando. The chabako includes a set of textiles by fashion brand Mina Perhonen, each with a unique color palette and design (*view the 2nd image of each set to see the included textiles patterns). Included are fabric cases for each component in the set as well as coasters. Other pieces include a mini hand grinder, wood chazutsu for storing beans, aluminum box for sweets and a collapsible wire filter holder. All pieces pack neatly into a handmade bamboo basket.

The set includes:
Bamboo Basket
Mini Coffee Grinder ( Manual)
Chazutsu ( Container for Coffee Beans )
Wire Filter Holder
Ceramic Pot ( Masanobu Ando)
Ceramic Cups x 3 ( Masanobu Ando)
Ceramic Coffee Measure ( Masanobu Ando)
Aluminum Box ( for sweets)
Coaster x 3 ( Mina Perhonen)
Cloth cases for all pieces ( Mina Perhonen)
Paper Coffee Filter (10 set)


  • Dimensions: W 22.5cm x D 18.5cm x H 16cm
  • Weight: 1418g
  • Product No: GM-1
  • Made in Japan