Kurosabi Stand Lamp

Artist: Motomu Oyama
32,000 yen ($295.65 USD)

**This lamp was designed for use in Japan and may require refitting or use with an adapter depending on your location.

Motomu Oyama works with iron, creating abstract sculptural objects, as well as utensils, vessels and hand-built stands and desk lamps. Oyama uses the properties of iron to create textures and surfaces that are slightly corroded giving his pieces a patina of age.

This lamps has a simple design that allows the height of the head to be adjusted up and down without any screw or fasteners to loosen. The head does not tilt at an angle.

The lamp is finished with urushi (Japanese Lacquer) which acts as an inhibitor to protect the iron from further rusting.

Cord length 2m30cm E12 100V/40W


  • Dimensions: W 17cm x D 8cm x H 45cm
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-315-5
  • Made in Japan