Deerskin Oblong Bag L

Brand: Paisano
45,000 yen ($417.35 USD)

Paisano’s open one strap shoulder bag is made from a soft vegetable tanned deerskin with a contrasting linen lining the interior and zippered pocket for valuables. Deerskin leather has a long history in Japan for uses varying from armor and weaponry to clothing. Favored for its softness, flexibility and breathability, the material becomes smoother to the touch with use and the color gradually changes with aging.
** Due to the finishing process the color/tone of each bag may vary slightly. This bag has a slightly bronzed/black tone.


  • Dimensions: W 42cm x D 14cm x H 49cm (handle 14cm)
  • Weight: 560g
  • Material: Deerskin / Linen
  • Product No: F-102-2
  • Made in Japan