Kutsubera (Shoehorn) - Brown

Brand: Paisano
4,500 yen ($39.86 USD)

Folding Leather and Brass Shoehorn
The brass end of the shoehorn folds into the leather case when not in use. The brass ring can be used to hang the shoe horn or to attach keys. **The small shoehorn is designed only as lightweight support when slipping on shoes.

Shimpei Ogawa produces leather and linen bags and accessories under his Paisano label. Ogawa-san's handmade wallets and accessories are made using natural tanned leather. The Pueblo vegetable tanning method produces leather with a deep rich patina. The brushed surface has a noticeable pattern and suede like finish when new, but will quickly darken with use as it absorbs oils from the hand, and develop a smoother, glossier finish.


  • Dimensions: L 10cm x W 4.5cm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Material: Leather / Brass
  • Product No: PS-120-2
  • Made in Japan