Ricotta Milk Pan

Brand: 4th-Market
3,600 yen ($33.13 USD)

4th-Market originated from a collaboration of four makers of 'Banko-yaki' Ceramics in the Yokkaichi area of Mie Prefecture. Each maker brought distinct techniques to create a brand of kitchenware that retains a handmade character and clean, simple designs in black and white and muted earthy tones.

This versatile milk pan is made from from heat resistant earthenware. Designed with a spout for ease of use and an easy to hold wooden handle.


  • Dimensions: W 24cm (including handle) x D 17cm x H 8cm
  • Volume: 500cc
  • Weight: 750
  • Material: Earthenware / Wood
  • Heat Source: Gas
  • Product No: K-22-2
  • Made in Japan