Takatsuki - Plum

Artist: Tatsuya Aida
28,000 yen ($207.06 USD)

Takatsuki Stand - Plum Wood / Diameter 18cm

Takastuki are pedestal stands traditionally used for serving sweets or presenting buddhist offerings in the home. The small stands are ideal for presenting small pastries and confections.
**View all images to see the natural cracks and imperfections that are incorporated into the designs.

Tatsuya Aida
1976 Born in Yamagata Prefecture.
2000 Graduated from the Department of Crafts,Tokyo Gakugei University.
2002 Completed lacquer work at Kyoto City University Graduate School of Crafts
2003 Began producing works of his own design while apprentice at a furniture workshop
2005 Established an independent workshop in Fukushima Prefecture.


  • Dimensions: Dia 18cm x H 11cm
  • Material: Plum
  • Product No: TA-00-7
  • Made in Japan