Kuro Ginsai Octagon Plate

Artist: Tatsuya Hattori
8,000 yen ($59.16 USD)

Kuro Ginsai Octagon Plate / 23cm x 23cm
Eight-sided, black glaze plate, decorated with ginsai (silver) along the edge of the rim.

Tatsuya Hattori
Tatsuya Hattori completed the ceramics program at the Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center in Gifu in 2004. He later established his independent studio in Toki City in 2012. Hattori's ceramics are characterized by their refined shapes and exquisite glazes..


  • Dimensions: W 23cm x D 23cm x H 3cm
  • Weight: 625g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: TH-30-49
  • Made in Japan