Tayo Tape Dispenser S

Brand: Tayo
16,500 yen ($151.84 USD)

The Tayo tape dispenser is one of the original products in a line of metal utensils and hardware designed by Osamu Saruyama for the newTayo brand. Made from iron with a brass cutter the dispenser's tape wheel has a distinctive split design that allow three wheels to be rotated to a position that secures the tape tightly on the wheel. The small dispenser is for use with any standard tape with a one inch (2.54cm) core.

The new brand Tayo takes its name partially from the first initials of the collaborating members: Tsutomu Nagai and Akira Nagai of Nagai Seisakusho, metal artist Yuichi Takemata and designer Osamu Saruyama. But the word also means ‘diverse’ a key word for the brand which utilises the various skills of the collaborators and multifaceted design that effectively uses techniques such as cutting, bending and folding metal to create new products from the base of existing ones


  • Dimensions: W 10cm x D 4cm x H 5cm
  • Weight: 466g
  • Material: Iron / Brass
  • Product No: S-101-1
  • Made in Japan