Coffee Dripper & Pot

Artist: Tetsuya Ozawa
11,000 yen ($100.10 USD)

Potter Tetsuya Ozawa use the local clay and and a traditional glaze (Chara) of the pottery town of Tokoname where he lives and works. But his vessels have distinctive coloration and rough cracked surfaces which are unique and not traditional Tokoname Ware. Each pot in this series has a slightly different form and tone with a rough texture on exterior and smooth glazed interior.

The pot and dripper are roughly constructed and finished and are not designed to fit together precisely.


  • Dimensions: W 14cm x D 9cm x H 20cm
  • Volume: 460ml
  • Weight: 450g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No.: U-100-5-4
  • Made in Japan