Kinchaku Kago (Drawstring Bag)

Brand: Tsuchiya
65,000 yen ($621.74 USD)

At her studio in the ancient city of Nara, Mieko Tsuchiya creates beautiful, functional textiles for the home in a pallete of subtle, muted tones.

Tsuchiya's elegant kinchaku kago ( drawstring bag) results from a collaboration with two other artisans, one specializing in basket weaving and the other fashioning the drawstring that pulls together the hand woven fabric. Commonly used to accessorize with yukata and kimono, the baskets function just as well in the home as a lovely storage box for small valuables.


  • Dimensions: W 22cm x D 12cm x H 16.5cm
  • Weight: 189g
  • Material: Cotton Silk / Vine
  • Product No: S-74-2
  • Made in Japan