Kakubachi (Square Box)

Artist: Yoshiaki Tadaki
7,000 yen ($64.36 USD)

Wood artist Yoshiaki Tadaki crafts wooden cutlery, bowls and utensils at his workshop in Saitama Prefecture. Tadaki's delicately hand carved pieces often finished with Urushi (Japanese lacquer) have a rustic appeal.

Tadaki finished this small open box using fuki-urushi, a technique which involves the process of repeatedly applying and wiping off the lacquer allowing the woods natural grain and imperfections to show through while creating a beautiful lustre and protective coat on the wood surface.


  • Dimensions: W 12cm x D 12cm x H 4.5cm
  • Weight: 99g
  • Material: Kurumi / Urushi
  • Product No: YT-29
  • Made in Japan