Mokko Bon A (Tray) - Kurumi

Artist: Yoshiyuki Kato
25,000 yen ($225.90 USD) Mail us to inquire about this item

After completing design school Yoshiyuki Kato apprenticed as a "Miya Daiku" or shrine carpenter, an arduous training in the traditional carpentry techniques used in the construction of shrines and temples in Japan.

Kato crafted the Mokko (bon) tray in a shape inspired by the mokko family crest. Each piece is finished with small tools to create subtle textures and enhance the inherent beauty of the wood.


  • Dimensions: W 31.5cm x D 21.5cm x H 40
  • Weight: 510g
  • Material: Kurumi
  • Product No.: YK-20-1
  • Made in Japan