Handwoven Chair Mat M

Artist: Yuka Wakamatsu
20,000 yen ($184.37 USD)

Weaver Yuka Wakamatsu series of finely crafted wool chair mats are hand woven using the techniques of “ Kurashiki Knotting” learned while training at the Kurashiki Dyeing Spinning and Weaving Studio. Established by Tonomura Kichinosuke who played a important early role in promoting Mingei as a folk crafts movement, the weaving studio is dedicated to passing on the techniques of weaving along with the spirit of the folk art movement. Kurashiki knotting has 20 established patterns. Wakamatsu’s own original designs featuring geometric motifs in both subtle and vibrant combinations of colors, are modern and sophisticated.
The chair mats are thick and durable and can also be used directly on the floor as zabuton ( floor cushions). Washable, with simple care they can be used for more than 20 years.

Special Orders: If the chair mat is out of stock you can place an order by mailing us at info@analoguelife.com. Let us know the product number and size ( S/M/L) in your message. Order placed by email will be shipped in 4 - 6 weeks.


  • Dimensions: L 36cm x W 36cm
  • Weight: 880g
  • Material: Wool / Cotton
  • Product No: F-50-M-21
  • Made in Japan