Copper Fry Pan L

Artist: Masami Mizuno
30,000 yen ($273.20 USD)

Metalware craftsman Masami Mizuno handcrafts his copper pots and pans from a single flat sheet of metal which he painstakingly shapes using tens of thousands of hammers strokes in the creation of each finished pan. Each pan has a solid brass handle.

Mizuno’s untinned copper pans are not only beautifully crafted utensils but are excellent for frying due to coppers great conductivity which allows heat to spread evenly across the surface of the pans.

The untinned pans are recommended for use with non-acidic foods. Cooked food should also be removed from the pans soon after preparation.


  • Dimensions: Dia 25.5cm (Handle 19.5cm) x H 4.5
  • Weight: 1024g
  • Material: Copper / Brass
  • Heat Source: Gas Burners
  • Product No: S-92-3
  • Made in Japan