Kittachi Copper Kettle (650ml)

Brand: Kittachi
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Kittachi Copper Kettle - Wide / Volume 650ml

The Kittachi Copper Kettle is the latest addition to Analogue Life’s original Kittachi Series. Produced in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture a region famous for its production of “Tsuiki”, the traditional copper-ware of the region. The kettle is crafted using the a high level of artisanal spinning, hammering, and casting techniques handed down locally for many generations. The main body is crafted with the technique called “Hera shibori” which is a traditional method of metal spinning performed by highly skilled artisans.

Each kettle is hand-crafted, in collaboration with Tankosha craft studio, incorporating traditional crafting methods with modern techniques.

A compact design makes the kettle suitable for use in smaller spaces, and the long spout gives its user the versatility to use the kettle for coffee pour-overs. The kettle’s knob is inspired by “kakitatekan” which is unique to kettles used in traditional tea ceremonies. The kettles interior including the spout is lined with tin.

※ Designed for use with gas stovetops.

※ Do not use over a flame greater than the kettle’s diameter which heat upper surface/ handle of kettle causing bodily harm and/or sudden discoloration of the kettle.

※ Please do not heat the kettle empty. This may cause inner coating deterioration.

※ Please towel dry after each use. Avoid salt and moisture when not in use.

※ Polishing with a dry cloth can help maintain luster


  • Dimensions: Dia 12cm x H 10cm (incl handle 15.5cm)
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Weight: 652g
  • Material: Copper
  • Heat Source: Gas
  • Product No: AL-100
  • Made in Japan