Handwoven Suihatsu - Grey

Brand: Tsuchiya
70,000 yen ($550.60 USD)

Hand-woven Suihatsu - GREY / Height 84cm (***vase is not included).

Weaver Mieko Tsuchiya's Suihatsu is hand-woven from linen and cotton and colored using a natural Yashabushi dye and mordant. Custom fittings made from brass add weight and allow it to be easily hung and support a vase.

The suihatsu does not include a vase, so a suitable vase will have to be purchased separately.

Mieko Tsuchiya
Born in 1967
1996 Learned the basics of weaving in Kyoto, then self-taught.
1998-Solo and group exhibitions in various places around Japan.
2006 Established Tsuchiya Orimonosho (Textile Studio)

At her studio in the ancient city of Nara, weaver Mieko Tsuchiya creates elegant, functional textiles for the home in a palette of subtle, muted tones.


  • Dimensions: W 10cm x H 84cm
  • Weight: 297g
  • Material: Linen・Cotton・Brass
  • Product No: ANV-TY-2-nv
  • Made in Japan