Zabuton S (38cm x 28cm)

Artist: Fueki Ryuko Exhibition
9,000 yen ($65.87 USD)

Zabuton S
Maker: Takuya Niwa (Niwa Futon-ten)

The small Zabuton is designed for use on stools, but are also a perfect size for use as sofa cushions. The zabuton (sitting cushions) are hand made using the same techniques as Niwa Futon-ten's prize winning futons. Carefully selected cottons are combined in a unique ratio, before being crafted by hand into a beautiful shape that emphasizes comfort.

Niwa Futon-ten
Nagoya based futon maker Niwa Futon-ten has been producing high quality cotton bedding for more than 150 years. Founded in the Meiji era, the family workshop is run by 5th generation artisan, Takuya Niwa and his father, both of whom, have been awarded prestigious national prizes in recognition of their skills. While preserving long established techniques of traditional-futon making, Takuya Niwa is also crafting new textile products that are suited to contemporary lifestyles. Through collaborations with contemporary apparel brands, demonstrations and workshops he is active in preserving the traditional futon making techniques while adapting to the needs of today.


  • Dimensions: W 38cm x D 28cm x H 10cm
  • Weight: 477g
  • Material: Linen
  • Product No: FRE-TN-003-1
  • Made in Japan