Vintage Linen Bag

Artist: Junko Kikuchi
38,000 yen ($346.40 USD)

Oversized Vintage Linen Bag 59.5cm x 58.5cmcm Handle 33.5cm

Textile craft-artist Junko Kikuchi uses old and vintage linens and fabrics from various regions including Japan and Northern and Eastern European to produce her clothes, bags and textile accessories. Junko dyes her fabric repeatedly over long periods of time using persimmon based dyes and mordants such as iron, copper, titanium, tin and aluminum to create textiles with varied rich warm tones. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity affect the results of the dyeing process making each dyed batch unique. The fabrics which are stiff while new will gradually soften with age and use.


  • Dimensions: L 58.5cm (incl handle 92cm) x W 59.5cm
  • Weight: 720g
  • Material: Linen
  • Product No: JK-100-AB1
  • Made in Japan