Square Sack (M)

Artist: Kazumi Takigawa
5,000 yen ($45.65 USD)
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Kazumi Takigawa's original line of dyed and waxed canvas bags took their inspiration from the plain brown paper bag. Wanting to mimic the look of ordinary brown paper bag while creating something re-usable and long lasting, Takigawa-san's experiments led her to a process that includes a traditional dyeing technique and the use of tea, and coffee as dyes. She has expanded the line up to include these grey toned bags dyed with Oolong tea and iron and finished with her usual wax treatment.

*The tone of the hand-dyed bags can vary from batch to batch from a cool grey to a warmer grey. View the last image to see the color of the current batch of grey bags.


  • Dimensions: W 16cm x D 9cm x H 30.5cm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Material: Canvas (dyed and waxed)
  • Product No: S-52-6-B
  • Made in Japan