Bread Box

Artist: Kobo Isado
11,000 yen ($100.08 USD)

At his workshop in Saitama Prefecture, Atsushi Honda uses a variety of new and repurposed woods to shape his cutting boards, tableware and wood utensils.

Honda-san designed these boxes for the small half-loaf bread sizes commonly found in Japan. Please check the dimensions to make sure it is suitable before purchasing. The cedar box is finished with a food-safe polyurethane coat.

* The boxes are not designed to be air tight
*The grain pattern and tone of each box will vary.
* The cedar boxes may have a natural scent when new which will fade over time.


  • Dimensions: W 25.5cm x D 15cm x H 15.5cm
  • Weight: 523g
  • Material: Cedar
  • Product No: KI-100-1
  • Made in Japan