Iron Sabi-bon S

Artist: Kouichi Uchida
36,000 yen ($283.16 USD)

Iron Tray / 30cm x 30cm

Well know ceramic artist Kouichi Uchida's talents extend beyond pottery to design and work in a variety of mediums and materials including glass and iron. These tray designed by Uchida-san are produced at his family’s iron workshop.
The tray is made from iron that has been left to corrode naturally and later finished with a resin coating giving each a distinctive tone and texture. The resin also acts to inhibit further rusting. Small feet at each corner of the base elevate the tray slightly, making it easy to pick up.

***The tone and texture of each tray is unique and will vary each time they are produced.


  • Dimensions: W 30cm x D 30cm x H 0.8cm
  • Weight: 985g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: KU-80
  • Made in Japan