Magewappa Ohitsu ( 5 Cups )

Brand: Magewa / Yoshinobu Shibata
40,000 yen ($352.15 USD)

Ohitsu are more than just a decorative wood vessel to serve rice. Putting cooked rice in the ohitsu will help to absorb the excess moisture, giving the rice a perfect texture and bringing out is full flavour. Rice left to sit in the Ohitsu will remain soft and flavourful a full day after cooking even at room temperature.

Traditionally, rice would be transferred from a cooker to an ohitsu which would be placed at the edge of a low table on the tatami where family members' bowls could be replenish with rice as needed.

A shamoji rice spoon is included with the Ohitsu.

Magewappa is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Japanese woodcraft. Akita cedar from 200-year-old trees is stripped, boiled, bent and tied together with bark from cherry blossoms. Only Akita cedars over a hundred years old, which have survived the very severe weather conditions of northern Japan, can be bent in the manufacturing process.


  • Dimensions: Dia 23cm x H 13cm
  • Volume: For 5 Cups
  • Weight: 590g
  • Material: Akita Cedar, Cherry
  • Product No: W-44-50-1
  • Made in Japan