Egg Pan

Artist: Masami Mizuno
22,000 yen ($203.26 USD)

Square shaped copper pan ideal for preparing Tamagoyaki, a folded egg roll comprising many thin layers.

Metalware craftsman Masami Mizuno handcrafts copper and brass pots and utensils using hammer strokes to shape the metal and add a subtle hammered surface. Mizuno’s untinned copper pans are not only beautifully crafted utensils but are excellent for cooking due to coppers great conductivity that allows heat to spread evenly across the surface of the pans. The copper pan has a long hammered brass handle.


  • Dimensions: W 34cm (with handle) x D 13cm x H 4cm
  • Weight: 661g
  • Material: Copper / Brass
  • Product No: MM-10
  • Made in Japan