Hako-Zen L

Artist: Masaru Kawai
20,000 yen ($157.81 USD)
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Hako-Zen were originally designed to serve as a combination storage box and tray table. They were widely used in in Japan from the Edo Period to the beginning of the Showa Era. Each wooden box was used as a portable table (with the lid as a tray) and also as a case to store each family members tableware. These days we recommend them for any kind of storage.
Masaru Kawai's simple square hako-zen are handmade from a beautifully grained, sustainable Japanese cedar.


  • Dimensions: W 32cm x D 32cm x H 18cm
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Material: Cedar
  • Product No: W-60-1-2
  • Made in Japan