Kuzu (Waste) Bin

Artist: Masaru Kawai
15,000 yen ($117.98 USD)

Kuzu (Waste) Bin / Japanese Cedar (Unfinished)

Masaru Kawai produced these cedar bins for his SOMA line of wood furniture and utensils. Concerned with the current situation where the majority of wood used in Japan, (a country that is 70% forest ) are imports, Kawai-san started his SOMA project to promote the use of native Japanese woods and the country’s historical wood culture.

The word SOMA refers to a person that makes a living doing mountain work. Kawai’s SOMA series is a line of products crafted using native wood such as hinoki cypress and cedar that are abundant on Japanese mountains. The items will be produced on a regular basis in support of the local wood industry.


  • Dimensions: Dia 20.5cm x H 30cm
  • Weight: 724g
  • Material: Cedar
  • Product No: W-100-0
  • Made in Japan