Cotton Towel L - Testunando

Brand: Galerie Momogusa
4,000 yen ($25.04 USD)

Galerie Momogusa’s series of lightweight cotton gauze towels are designed to be compact and easy to carry on trips and excursions when space is limited. The cotton fabric is hand dyed in a palette of traditional colors ( Aonibi / Testunando / Kuronibi / Utsubushi) that have been in use in Japan since ancient times. The thin quick drying fabric is double layered for increased absorbency and softens with multiples washings.

The colour of each hand dyed towel may vary slightly in tone from piece to piece and from the images here. TETSUNANDO color range : Blue Grey to Navy


  • Dimensions: L 120cm x W 63cm
  • Weight: 132g
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Product No: B-11-1-3
  • Made in Japan