Musihikui Fu Cheng

Artist: Motomu Oyama
8,000 yen ($61.19 USD)

Musihikui Fu Cheng Iron Plate / Dia 15.5cm
Motomu Oyama’s Fu Cheng have small holes and rough edges that resemble materials eaten through by insects (mushi).

Used in Chinese tea culture as stands for small Chinese Teapots. Oyama’s Fu Cheng can be used as as receptacles for a variety purposes such as candles, incense or potpourri.

Motomu Oyama
Metalware artist Motomu Oyama works with iron, creating abstract sculptural objects, as well as utensils, vessels and hand-built stands and desk lamps. Oyama uses the properties of iron to create textures and surfaces that are slightly corroded giving his pieces an aged patina.


  • Dimensions: Dia 15.5cm x H 2cm
  • Weight: 243g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: MO-8
  • Made in Japan