Tomyo -Standing Burner

Artist: Motomu Oyama
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Iron artist Motomu Oyama creates abstract sculptural objects, as well as utensils, vessels and hand-built stands and desk lamps. Oyama uses the properties of iron to create black surfaces with textures and areas that are slightly corroded giving his pieces a patina of age.

This 4 piece iron stand is used for burning a wick called Toshin that is made from igusa that has had the skin removed and dried. When soaked in oil the toshin strip burns well and produces a beautiful flame. The stand can also be used for burning incense cones, small candles or as vessel for cut flowers or potpourri.

The stand is finished with urushi (Japanese Lacquer) which acts an inhibitors to protect the iron from further rusting.

** A small sampling of Toshin strips will be included with the stand. Care should be taken when using the stand for burning the toshin strips or candles.


  • Dimensions: W 13cm x D 10cm x H 39cm
  • Weight: 620g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: T-315-1-2
  • Made in Japan