Nambu Tekki Kettle (1.6L)

Brand: Babaghuri
90,000 yen ($792.34 USD)

A contemporary take on the traditional Japanese nambu tekki kettle. Designed at Jurgen Lehl and hand made at Nobuho Miya’s Kamasada workshop the nambu iron kettle manages to retain the traditional beauty associated with Japanese “Tetsubin”, while being completely modern.
In addition to its beauty, cast iron is amazingly practical. It has excellent heat distribution and retention properties, keeping boiled water hotter for longer. Iron from the pot released in the water can be appreciated as a dietery source of iron as well as improving the flavor of the water. Cast Iron also ages beautifully and will last for over 100 years with care.

Nambu tekki kettles are finished with a black urushi (Japanese lacquer ) glaze that helps to protect the exterior surface of the kettle from developing rust.


  • Dimensions: Dia 18cm (15cm at base) x H 13.5cm(25.5 incl handle)
  • Volume: 1.6L
  • Weight: 2500g
  • Material: Iron
  • Care: Use only for boiling water.
  • Heat Source: Not suitable for use with IH stovetops or electric ranges.
  • Product No: T-25
  • Made in Japan