Sauce Pot

Artist: Norikazu Oe
6,000 yen ($45.72 USD)

Blue Glaze Soy Sauce Pot / h8cm

Potter Norikazu Oe is well known for his distinctive soy sauce pots which he produces in a variety of shapes and finishes. A well designed spout assures that the sauce flows smoothly when poured and ends cleanly with no dripping or running of excess sauce. They can be used for vinegar or oil as well as soy sauce.

Norikazu Oe began his relationship with ceramics early, attending a vocational school that specialized in ceramics in Seto, one Japan's foremost ceramics centers. He later continued his training in the pottery town of Tajimi, before establishing his studio in Toki city.

1975: Born in Aichi Prefecture.
1995: Completed program at Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramics Technical College.
1997: Completed Tajimi Ceramics Design Laboratory.
1999: Established an independent studio.
2000-present: Production of ceramic tableware for exhibitions in Japan and overseas.


  • Dimensions: Dia 5cm x H 8cm
  • Weight: 109g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: NO-XX-1
  • Made in Japan