Canvas Kesa-kake Bag

Brand: Paisano
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Kesa-kake Canvas Shoulder Bag / width 40.5cm x height 36cm (Shoulder Strap approx 43cm)

Shimpei Ogawa produces handmade leather, linen and canvas bags and accessories under his Paisano label. For his new series of bags, Ogawa-san used a heavy, durable canvas material dyed using natural plant based dyes and iron mordant.

The "kesa kake bag" is called so because it is worn over one shoulder, similar to how monks wear their kesa robes.The bag is designed with a shoulder strap, open at one end, that can be knotted at the desired length. The adjustable knotted shoulder strap is both a design element and a practical feature.

The bags have rough surfaces with creases and lines and the heavy canvas which is quite stiff when new will soften with age and use. Inner pockets are included for storing small items.


  • Dimensions: W 40.5cm x D 9cm x H 36cm(incl handle 79cm)
  • Weight: 450g
  • Material: Canvas
  • Product No: PAI-200-1
  • Made in Japan