Fuyou Koudai Nirebachi

Brand: Shimoo Design
60,000 yen ($566.42 USD)

Inspired by the traditional wood finishing techniques Uzukuri and Negoro, Shimoo Design developed an original method for finishing their line of wood tableware. The series branded Fuyou, includes wood plates, trays and platters of varying sizes and forms. Their original technique highlights the woods natural grain and emphasizes its texture while adding a distinctive tone and rustic appeal. A food-safe finish makes the pieces durable and safe from staining when used with wet and oily foods.

Shimoo Design first produced this series of hand-turned footed bowls for their personal use. Elegant forms, distinctive patterns and textures and natural cracks in the wood make each piece unique. A ring of solid brass is embedded in the foot of the bowl to add support and prevent the thin, light-weight bowls from tipping.


  • Dimensions: Dia 21cm x H 11cm
  • Weight: 245g
  • Material: Elm / Brass
  • Product No: SHM-05
  • Made in Japan