Iroe Plate(27cm)

Artist: Takeshi Omura
14,000 yen ($88.89 USD)

Green Iroe Dorbachi Plate / dia 27cm
Large plates colored with uwaenogu (paint for overglaze). The plates are food safe but the matte surface will soak in oily liquids causing the surface to darken. Each plate will vary slightly in size, shape and coloring.

Takeshi Omura
1977: Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. 1998: Studied under the ceramic artist Keisuke Iwata. 2001: Graduated from Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Technical High School, Ceramics and Art Department.
2001: Began production at the "studio MAVO" workshop in Tajimi.
2007: Established a kiln in Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
2007 to Present: Producing and exhibiting ceramics in Japan and overseas.


  • Dimensions: Dia 27cm x H 2cm
  • Weight: 1030g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Care: Not suitable for use in dishwashers and microwaves
  • Product No: TO-70-1
  • Made in Japan