Artist: Yoshimitsu Ishihara
10,000 yen ($92.49 USD)

Order Limit: One Yoshimitsu Ishihara Teapot per order

Potter Yoshimitsu Ishihara uses locally dug clay from the area around his home in Fukuoka prefecture to produce his ceramic vessels. With a background in sculpting Ishihara is always concerned with shape and form. His vessels are often hand-built and wood fired resulting in organic shapes and varied tones over the surface of the piece. This series of kyusu designed for small servings of quality teas have a volume of approximately 250 to 300ml. Each pot has a built in chakoshi (filter) for straining tea leaves.


  • Dimensions: W 13cm~13.5cm (with handle) x D 11.5cm x H 9cm
  • Volume: 250~300ml
  • Weight: 233g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No.: YI-20-1
  • Made in Japan