Vine Handle Teapot (950ml)

Artist: Yoshimitsu Ishihara
18,000 yen ($164.36 USD)

Potter Yoshimitsu Ishihara uses locally dug clay from the area around his home in Fukuoka prefecture to produce his ceramic vessels. With a background in sculpting Ishihara is always concerned first with shape and form. Most of his work is hand-built and wood fired resulting in their organic shapes and varied surface tones and textures.

Ishihara wove the handle of each pot in this series with vine that he harvested himself from a local forest. The extra large pots have a volume of approximately 850-950ml and each has a built in chakoshi (filter) for straining tea leaves.


  • Dimensions: W 21cm x D 14.5cm x H 15cm
  • Volume: 950ml
  • Weight: 580g
  • Material: Ceramic / Vine(Handle)
  • Product No: YI-4-9
  • Made in Japan