Arare Iron Kettle

Brand: Tetsubin - Kobo Takahashi
60,000 yen ($568.28 USD)

Ironware craftsman Daieki Takahashi produces beautifully crafted, lightweight Tetsubin ( iron Kettles ) at his workshop in Iwate Prefecture.

Arare is one of the most traditional and well known patterns used for Japanese cast iron kettles. The sharpness and detail of the Arare pattern depends largely on the workmanship and skill of the craftsman and the quality of the mould used in production. A great deal of concentration and patience is required from Takahashi who uses tools to manually stamp more than 2000 times while creating the detailed mould used to produce this kettle.

For its size and volume the kettle is surprisingly lightweight, making for easy everyday use. Reducing the weight of the kettle entails producing a thinner kettle, which means a much greater risk of failure in the production process.

Iron kettles have many benefits including helping to provide supplemental iron, removing the smell of chlorine from tap water for a better tasting cup of tea, and retaining heat for long periods. If properly taken care of, they can be used and passed on for generations.

*Tetsubin are fully iron kettles (they do not have an enamel interior) and are only designed for boiling water. They should not be used for brewing tea.


  • Dimensions: Dia 12cm x H 12cm
  • Volume: 2.0L
  • Weight: 1780g
  • Material: Iron
  • Heat Source: Gas / IH Burners
  • Product No: T-70-3
  • Made in Japan