Ornament - Kiji

Brand: Kamasada
5,500 yen ($34.92 USD)

Nambu Tekki Ornament - KIJI (Pheasant) / h:18cm

Kamasada’s ornaments capture the fluid, dynamic essence of living creatures, in cast iron. The small figures, designed by Nobuo Miya, depict fish and bird motifs, and his artistry imbues each figure with personality, distilling their forms into elegant, abstract representations.

Kamasada Casting Workshop
Kamasada has upheld the tradition of Nanbu ironware production in the Nanbu region since the Meji era. While inheriting techniques passed down from the founder through generations, Kamasada also incorporates modern designs, aiming to craft ironware pieces that suit the present age while preserving Japanese traditional culture. The current head of the workshop is third-generation craftsman Nobuho Miya, whose works have gained global recognition through exhibitions at venues like the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to producing Kamasada’s line of hand-made Tetsubin (iron kettles) and ironware utensils, Miya-san also undertakes domestic cultural projects, fusing tradition with innovation through his craft and management of orders for public and temple works, allowing these skills to be passed on.


  • Dimensions: W 14cm x D 6cm x H 18cm
  • Weight: 654g
  • Material: Iron / Wood
  • Product No: KM-121
  • Made in Japan